Welcome to the World of Robert Northern 

aka Brother Ah...


   When I turn back the pages of my imagination, the sea and it's vastness has always represented deep feelings and thoughts that I compare to the boundlessness of spirit.  The sea inspires me to seek out it's profoundness and to understand it's secrets. Many beautiful melodies and compositions were created from these experiences. It continues to be a source of  my inspiration.

My first experience as a witness to this power was a journey on a military transport ship from New Jersey to New Foundland, Canada.The frigid waves of the North Atlantic spoke to me in strong accented rhythms and thunderous crescendos.  In contrast on a trip by freighter going to Tangier North Africa, the sea showed me it's gentle side. One thousand miles from the shore the surface was like glass and utterly silent, but with a powerful undercurrent.  This profound stillness induced a state of transcendence,  almost like a constant state of meditation. 

This site opens the opportunity for me to share my life's works in various areas.  To make available my recorded works and videos.  And also: 

instrumental instruction
vocal coaching
music history
radio broadcasting
lectures & presentations
scheduled performances

Our mission is to develop the potential of children and families through international music education.  

Musically Uniting Family and Community